I've been sending some of my pictures out into the world. I have gotten a few of them published on the web, some accepted to print, and one recently juried into a gallery opening. 

For the theme of "relationships": I submitted several to Wildflower Muse.

Young Ravens Literary Review will publish one of mine for the theme "So Long, Farewell" in their upcoming Issue 7 -

Front Porch Review will have a photo of mine in their October issue - 

I was also juried into a gallery show in High Point, NC. Theatre Art Galleries (TAG) hosts a cycling themed art show each year. The High Point Cycling Classic (a bike race) will be the 9th of September. On Thursday the 7th of September, TAG is hosting an opening event for the public to view the juried work, as well as, some student work from their summer program.





Returning from the road

I recently returned from a road trip with my father. We went to Connecticut to help my older brother move into his new place. Along the way we visited family in Raleigh, Washington DC, New Jersey, New York City, and on the way home in Philadelphia. It was a great trip and most of the street scene photos are from that trip. Such great cities. Too many things to see and do in such a short time. I'll have to go back I guess.

Falls Park - Greenville, SC

What a gem we have in town. The park is not what it used to a good way. I used to go down to the Reedy River in high school. Safely it could have been called the Seedy River. There was never a good smell to greet you. There was always a trash issue. The park itself was overgrown and underused. The Camperdown Bridge all but hid the falls and the whole mess was a whole mess. Liberty Bridge aside, the park is amazing. All the nooks and crannies. The hidden falls. The Medusa tree. The paths that lead you up or down into the park. The fact that it's a part of a linear connection to the north and over to Cleveland Park....all of these things make the park itself pretty awesome. The Liberty Bridge is just an added bonus. 

Caesars Head

Yesterday morning Caesars Head was hidden in the clouds on the drive up from Greenville. The haze started to lift as I arrived and it made for some amazing shots. Everything was wet to the touch...the walls, the rails, the trail down to the overlook. I used to love living up above the cloud-line. 

travelers rest

Wandered Travelers Rest this morning. Leopard Forest has a great cup of coffee and the main street area is so different than it used to be. 

taking pictures

I am a school teacher. I am not a photographer. I do take a lot of pictures though. I created this space to house my work. I use a Canon 80D for the most part.